Q. What is scenographia?

A. Scenographia is an arts organization dedicated to the continued practice of hand drawing. We believe hand drawing is a valuable skill that can be achieved by all individuals and aim to promote the benefits of hand drawing in all fields and contexts in an increasingly digital world. Scenographia events celebrate the beauty of hand drawing and the talent of diligent artists through marathon live-drawing events. All proceeds raised from our events go towards scholarships for those with an interest in the arts. To see videos and images from past Scenographia events, click here.


Q. Where does the name “Scenographia” come from?

A. The name Scenographia is derived from “scenography,” with skene, meaning “stage” and grapho, meaning “to draw.” Scenographia events incorporate the artists into the scenography, creating a dynamic performance that celebrates both the experiential and artistic nature of hand drawing. The communication between the participants and the audience throughout the process creates a unique interactive experience and encourages a dialogue about the importance of hand drawing. To see the scenography unfold, visit our YouTube channel to watch time lapses of past Scenographia events.


Q. How do Scenographia events work?

A. At Scenographia events, teams of artists work together to complete hand-drawn charcoal murals in a marathon live-drawing setting. All drawing is completed in front of a live audience to incorporate observers into the entire drawing process. For more specific information about how Scenographia events work, please click here.

Q. Who is eligible to participate in Scenographia?

A. We believe anyone can draw, and therefore anyone is eligible to participate in Scenographia events. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Scenographia event, please contact us with an accompanying sample of your work. 

Q. When is the next Scenographia event?

A. Click here to view our upcoming calendar of events.

Q. How can I schedule a Scenographia event?

A. We would love to organize an event with you. Please contact us for inquiries about scheduling future events.


Q. How can I contribute to Scenographia?

A. All proceeds raised from Scenographia events go towards scholarships for those interested in art, architecture, or other related fields. If you are interested in contributing to Scenographia, please click here to reach our donation page. Every bit helps us reach our goals; we greatly appreciate your interest and your contribution!