How Scenographia works

Large-scale Events

Large-scale Scenographia events begin with blank 8’ x 12’ canvases. Prior to the event, each three-artist team must design an original composition based on the regional scenography of the event location. All drawing must be completed live on-site, and thus each team must also strategize how to approach the construction of their composition before the event. Team members then work together to complete their the hand-drawn charcoal mural in a marathon sketching event in front of a live audience. The performance aspect allows for audience members to engage in an interactive experience with the artists as the drawing unfolds. Upon the completion of the drawing, each team explains the ideas behind their composition and reflects on the entire Scenographia process at a celebratory event. The completed murals are subsequently auctioned to raise money to fund scholarships for those with interests in art, architecture, or other related fields. For more information, please see our donation page.


Small-Scale Events

Small-scale Scenographia events consist of smaller teams and varying canvas sizes to accommodate for the particular venue and accompanying event. The nature of the event remains the same; participants are given stipulations for the mural prior to the event and must design an original composition to be completed during the live-drawing session. The compositions are then executed in the presence of a live audience to allow for observers to participate in the process as the drawing is completed. Completed Scenographia murals are auctioned and all proceeds are used to fund scholarships for those intending to pursue art, architecture, or other similar fields. For more information, please see our donation page.